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Figure out the 3 possible reasons why your water source might be polluted

Together with Penca discovering the 3 possible reasons leading to your polluted water source 

  • Human and animal excrement would result in microorganism, bacteria and parasites in your water source.
  • Industrial waste or chemical pesticides, fertilizers in agriculture might make your water source chemical-contaminated (nitrate from these could get into your water source through flowing into the underground water)
  • A variety of minerals such as lead or mercury might invade your water source from the underground natural sediments or the improper pollutant-disposing process. 

Understand our dear customers’ demand in using clean and clear water, Penca is always here to share with you the best solution to protect the water source.

Penca given our 10 years of experience is proud to provide our customers with the highest quality water purification products adopting RO (REVERSE OSMOSIS) technology which allows absolute removal of impurities, chemicals and harmful bacteria in water.